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Festool has over a dozen types of saws. Ranging from their excellent Track Saws to their precise Miter Saws. With several depth selections and versatile applications there is a saw to help you complete any project. 

Festool Track Saw 75 - 575389.jpg

No workshop should go without a Festool Router. These Precise Machines are ideal for templates or free-hand cuts. With 4 Routes ranging from 10,000 - 24,000 Revolutions per minute; there's a great router option for you. 

Router 1400 - 576213.jpg

Make Mortise and Tenons Joints faster and easier. Festool offers two Domino Joiners each with each its own application. Read more to understand which Joiner is going improve your craftmanship. 

Festool Domino Joiner - 576431.jpg

Surface preparation can make or break any project. With hundreds of building materials finding the right sander is crucial. Festool has 15 Sanders that apply to each project differently. With innovated systems to maximize efficiency without compromising quality. Take a closer look to find which Sander is right for you. 

Festool Rotex 150 - 576028.jpg

Controlling the millions of dust particles never felt so possible. Festool's dust extractor systems are top of the line, innovated and reliable. With 9 types of dust execrators in Corded & Battery Powered options these compact machines can go from jobsite to workshop with ease. 

Festool Dust Exctractor .jpg

Festool's has over 100 Pieces of Equipment each unique and reliable. BFS has access to all of these tools for you! With so many great options we can never decide what to bring in next! Take a look at some additions we're recently added and tell us what you want to see!

Festool Oscillator OSC 18 - 576589.jpg

It's hard to decided what makes Festool is great. Is it their innovated systems, that their tools are designed by craftsmen, how they stand behind every tool. It could also be all the additional parts and accessories they offer for each tool. Plungers, Guide rails, Route Bits, Sandpapers and much more allows each client to have total control on their tools and gets them the precision and quality they want every time. 

Festool Sandpaper.jpg

This webpage is a Festool Dealer. All Festool Items are available through certified Festool Dealers and maintain Brand Equity. 

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