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Our Services

Offer additional services to our customer allows you to have more time on jobsites, less time searching for products and saves you money. We aim to have your equipment returned to you as quickly as possible, offer multiple type of equipment to demo, and have timely deliveries to keep your teams moving.  

Demo Days

Our vendors love showing off the newest tools in the industry.  Either join us for one of our many scheduled demos during the year or request a demo of a specific piece of equipment that you have been eyeing and take it for a test run on our practice floor.  

Your Showroom 

Use our showroom as your own.  We offer a private area that allows you to meet with your customer to show them different hardwood flooring species and grades;  or to pick out a Prefinished, LVP or Laminate product that we can order for you.  For your convenience, you can also check out samples to carry with you to your customers home.

Equipment Repairs

Drop off any equipment or tool that needs repair or regular maintenance and keep your equipment in good working order.  Darrell, our repair man,has been certified by multiple manufactures and continues to further educate himself on the newest tools.  Tool repairs are prioritized at our store so that we get them back to you as soon as possible.

Wood Deliveries 

After purchasing your flooring and/or supplies; have us deliver your items to your jobsite.  Schedule us to meet your team on your job-site saving your team time driving to us along with the expense of purchasing and maintaining a box truck.  A lot of our customers enjoy having their team prep the floor while we are in-route saving their team time and getting more accomplished on the job-site.


Fill out a credit application and be given the convenience of paying 15-30 days after purchase.  This benefit can help you not incure credit card processing fees along with not being out of pocket for the flooring supplies until you have been paid for your completed job.

Call or Text Us

Call or text us with any questions.  Also, take advantage of contacting us by phone or text with your order and and we will have it ready A.S.A.P. or on a date and time convenient for you allowing you to zip in and out quickly.

What Our Clients Say

Forest Trees
Furniture Designer

Katlin C., Homeowner

Outstanding customer service, organized, timely, honest, and friendly. Thank you!

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